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Does God Exist: Evil and Suffering

Auto Transcript: When it comes to the issue of suffering and the fact that there is suffering in this world we have to take that very seriously I’ve seen so many Christians who blow off the question and say we can jump right to the answer this is a question that doesn’t just come from the heart from the mind it comes from the heart and it comes from human experience we have to take the problem of suffering seriously it’s interesting if you look back in the history of ideas the problem of evil wasn’t really considered such till

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Goodness no!

Hitler and the Holocaust bring to mind the problem of evil. If God is good and all-powerful why then is there evil in the world, here’s mark Spence. If God is good and all-powerful why is there evil in the world skeptics like to use the existence of evil as an argument against God. If God was good wouldn’t He want to deal with evil, if He was powerful couldn’t He end the evil in the world? But evil still exists so therefore your God doesn’t, is the claim of the skeptic. Is God powerful enough to remove all the

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