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We do our best to collate relevant answers to your questions, but we don’t know everything. Regarding secondary Christian doctrines and practices, we typically don’t answer these as they’re best answered by your local Church.


This website is a resource used by many different people and organisations. They use our website as a place for people like yourself to find more information on the gospel and Christianity.

 Our website is added to flyers that are used by many different people and organisations. Just like Coca-Cola can’t stop people throwing their bottles onto the side of the road, we can’t control where people choose to put their flyers.

If they’ve put one in your mailbox, it’s because they care deeply about you. They may also be acting on the advice of Australia Post, who indicate that Religious material is still allowed, even when a “no junk mail” sign is posted.

Rejoice knowing that someone nearby cares deeply for your soul.

Unfortunately we’re not able to recommend churches for a few reasons. We’re a para-church website, so we don’t like to favour any particular church or denomination. Also, we’re run by a very small number of volunteers and we don’t get around much, so outside of our local suburb we can’t really vouch for any without having personal knowledge of them.

Visit the website of nearby churches and watch their online sermons. This should give you a good indication on what they stand for.